Mouth Surgery And Dental Implants

Our mouth is where lots of germs, bacteria and other foreign bodies reside.  They say, that there are more germs in our mouth than there are anywhere else on the planet.  With this many germs laying around, it is more important than ever to keep our mouth clean and well maintained.

When we keep out mouth clean and maintained we run less of a risk of having damage done to our teeth.  On our teeth we have a protective layer of enamel that keeps these germs and bacteria at bay.  When we brush our teeth regularly and we keep our mouth clean, then is a less likelihood that our teeth will decay.

However, there will be situations where our teeth will decay from no fault of our own.  These reasons can vary but generally they have to do with medications or other biological conditions where calcium is drained from our bodies.  In these situations, all on 4 dental implants north lauderdale may be a solution that could fit our needs.

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When we get dental implants, we will have to go through dental or oral surgery.  It is through this practice that our old teeth are removed, and our overall mouth is cleared of old teeth.  Then our gums will have to heal for an extended period of time.  After they heal, the dentist will come in and prepare our gums and jaw bone to receive the new teeth.  This can be done several ways.  It can be done by installing a dental plate into our jaw where teeth are then screwed in one by one or we can use bolts that will then have our dental implants attached to.

No matter what procedure you have done, there will be a period of recovery.  This can be several weeks to several months, depending on the type of surgery and your reaction to it.