How Much Do You Know About Hemorrhoids?

You have heard of them but you would not know what to do with them if you thought you had them. This is need to know info, people, because what if you should be showing signs of the symptoms? And if the specialist practitioner assigned to your examination confirms the case, you could be in for charleston hemorrhoid removal. But you should have nothing to fear from this. Do read on then. Hemorrhoids are swollen internal veins.

They are usually located in the rectum but they could also be external. You will know within weeks if you have hemorrhoids because it could hurt. But the problem is that should you not seek out treatment, the pain could go away within weeks. Organic remedies such as consuming diets high in fiber and drinking up to ten glasses of water a day can help to manage the known and felt symptoms.

All this helps to create softer and more regular bowel movements. Stool softeners could also be used to reduce straining during those bowel movements. Even topical ointments are being used to ease itching, swelling and pain sometimes. But even so, hemorrhoids could still lead to further complications. Blood clots could develop, and these could be painful. And internal hemorrhoids could prolapse.

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This means that they will drop through the rectum and bulge from the anus. When such complications arise, surgery may well be required. But there is nothing to fear from it because the surgery works. But having said that, it has been found that in any case, less than ten percent of diagnosed cases require surgery. So, while you may feel no pain but certainly discomfort do seek out medical treatment.

That way you can always avoid further complications.