Learning To Stop Blaming Others For Our Problems

In life we tend to like to blame others for our problems and the decisions that we make.  As children, we are required to listen to our parents, go to school, get good grades, eat our vegetables and make friends.  When we get older and we are given more freedom, we tend to make more decisions on what we do on our own.  Some of these may be good decisions, some may be bad.  Either way, they are decisions. 

When it comes to behavioral health services jacksonville, we learn that the decisions that we make need to be accounted for.  We can’t be made at someone for preventing us from going to school, getting a good job or doing something that we want to do.  Every decision that we make and every opportunity that is presented to us, is a collection of the actions and inactions that we have taken so far.

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When we blame someone for not allowing us to do something, it is a reaction that helps us justify that our decisions would have been better and only if we had listened to ourselves our lives would be better than they are now. 

The truth is, there is no knowing how our lives would be better, worse or the same if we had made different decisions.  We are all where we are supposed to be in life because of our choices.  The task now is to look forward towards the future and make the decisions we have now the best that they can be.

Don’t look back

Looking back is never going to help you.  It will only make you mad.  However, understanding the reasoning for your past decisions will help you move forward and make better decisions.  Tomorrow is another day, make it the best that it can be.